Judge Orders Scott Pruitt to produce scientific evidence for his claims

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Scott Pruitt is in a bit of hot water (again), but this is no surprise. As an utterly incompetent Trump appointee, “Hot water” is more or less his place of permanent abode. Scientific American put out an article on 5th June which reports that the … EPA must produce the opposing body of science Administrator … Read more

Scott Pruitt: EPA to value profits over lives

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If you have ever wondered what the mission of the Environmental Protection Agency actually is, then perhaps I should point out that the name is an ever so subtle hint. Permit me to decrypt it for you. The first word clearly points to it being something to do with to the environment and then the … Read more

Campaign to boot Scott Pruitt from EPA has been initiated

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If you don’t know who Scott Pruitt is, then simply imagine Trump tracking down the most incompetent corrupt anti-environmental climate-change-denying candidate possible and appointing him to run the US Environmental Protection Agency. You might perhaps consider that to be a politically-motivated exaggeration. Sadly it is not, it is a quite literal fact-based observation. Incompetent and … Read more

Weekly Weird Religious News

weekly weird religious news - scott pruitt

When you do a weekly posting of news items related to religious weirdness, then there comes a point at which you might be tempted to consider the idea that you will no longer be surprised by the items that pop up, and instead you come to anticipate a specific mode of behaviour. I do confess … Read more

Scott Pruitt says global warming may help ‘humans flourish’

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Listing to a climate denier explain his stance will generally result in you listening to something utterly daft being said. Normally the appropriate response is to perhaps roll your eyes and move one, but in this specific case a spotlight needs to be thrown upon it all because it actually does matter. Scott Pruitt is … Read more

EPA Update: How is Scott Pruitt getting on?

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If you were to ask Scott Pruitt how things are working out then the answer you get might not exactly reflect the reality of what has been actually happening. You need to ask his employees to get to the truth. The word that actually sums things up is … (insert drum roll here) … “dysfunction”. … Read more