Climate Updates: The Past, The Present, & The Future

This week I have three distinct climate updates … Let’s take them one by one. Oil giant ExxonMobile had very accurate predictions for climate change in 1970s If you dig a bit into the history of our modern understanding of climate change then one name that will pop up is James Hansen. In the1980s he … Read more

Climate Solutions: How can we store enough energy?

If we abandon the burning of fossil fuels and instead lean heavily into alternative energy sources such as wind and solar, then there exists a need to be able to store vast amounts of energy to keep the lights on … literally. The term is “Grid Storage” Obviously solar only works during the day so … Read more

Why are Climate Scientists Freaking out about Climate Change?


In 1895 Rudyard Kipling, the novelist, short-story writer, poet, and journalist, famously wrote a Poem titled “If”. It is perhaps one of the most parodied poems ever written, and so of course there is this variation of it… If you can keep your head and remain calm while everybody around you is running about with … Read more

Is all hope of handling Climate Change gone?

Pakistan has seen catastrophic flooding and all over the globe previous records are being obliterated. While climate scientists are freaking out, everybody else appears to be ignoring them and so all appears to be business as usual as we sail into the literal sunset of our very existence. Even the World Wildlife Fund is freaking … Read more

Exceeding 1.5°C global warming could trigger multiple climate tipping points

tipping point

There is a rather alarming new paper that has been published within the peer reviewed journal Science on Sep 9, 2022. Since it is titled “Exceeding 1.5°C global warming could trigger multiple climate tipping points”, I guess you can perhaps say that there is a clue there within the name regarding the content. This is … Read more

NASA: Sea Level Rise is Accelerating

sea level

The traditional way of measuring sea level rise has been via the use of Tide gauges. It sounds simple, just gather data of low and high tides from all around the coast, crunch the data and publish the results. One small flaw, it is not at all that simple. Why are Tide gauges challenging? There … Read more