The “People” Frozen to -320 degrees in Alabama

To the deep astonishment of many there has been a “discovery” that there are vast numbers of “people” who have been frozen to -320 degrees in Alabama. Well yes, this is of course about the IVF ruling lunacy. How could I possibly resist commenting on the observation that Republicans have now managed, if I may … Read more

George Carlin Has a New Comedy Special

It is indeed rather surprising to discovered that standup comedian George Carlin has a brand new comedy special that includes lots of new material. It is up on YouTube and completely free. As a Carlin fan, I really wanted to be both delighted and also excited, but I’m not. Why is it surprising? Well basically … Read more

A Porn Addiction that started with a Kiss

Porn addiction? No not me, but rather somebody else. Before we get into it, there is one other word needed here to set a bit of context. That word is “Astroturfing”. That’s because this is the rather astonishing reveal behind this story. The word “Grassroots”, as in the term a “Grassroots Campaign” refers to real … Read more

Deeply Shocking event at First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana 

Over on Hammond Indiana something deeply disturbing took place at the First Baptist church. The impact of what happened ruffled so many feathers that the pastor, John Wilkerson, needed to put out a deeply sincere formal apology for what happened. OK, so I have a reveal coming up that explains what actually happened, and trust me, … Read more

Poll Results: How does religion Influence thinking on Climate Change?

On Oct 4th, the nonprofit Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) published their report on the role that religion plays when it comes to the topic of thinking about Climate Change. If you are wondering how they created this then wonder no more. It was done via a survey of just over 5,192 adults living in all 50 … Read more

Did Jesus Die for the Laysan Albatross?

This might start out as something that comes across as a normal average wildlife article, so I better warn you, there is a rather surprising twist coming up. Back in prehistoric March 2007, the then First lady Barbara Bush gave a talk while visiting Hawaii. The occasion was notable because she was sharing her remarks … Read more