Property Rights vs Sexual Abuse … Property Wins – WTF!

This is a posting about a recent Louisiana legal ruling that is quite frankly bizarre. It concerns a push against the victims of sexual abuse and involves shutting them out of the legal process. Children who are Victims of sexual abuse were thrown a lifeline when various states passed the Child Victims Act. Here for … Read more

How to Destroy a School District in One Easy Lesson

Woodland Park School District in Colorado has been infiltrated and then utterly decimated by a group of religious fanatics. They belonged to a church run by Christian Nationalist Andrew Wommack. Actually, the word “decimated”might be the wrong description. That’s a reference to a form of punishment applied to any Roman Legion who dared to mutiny. To restore order, … Read more

Vast Numbers of people are quitting Religion

For this latest insight I am leaning upon two polls, and not just one … Spoiler alert, if you lean towards rationalism, then both are really good news. If however you have a personality that is more inclined to lean into faith, then both will indeed be very depressing. Often pollsters will ask you to … Read more