Ron DeSantis Really is “Florida Man” Incarnated

The guy who set himself on fire outside the Trump trial last week turned out to have been a whacky conspiracy theorist. He did what he did for utterly crazy reasons and was not doing it for Trump. He had driven up from his home in Florida, hence was also a “Florida Man”. In other … Read more

Property Rights vs Sexual Abuse … Property Wins – WTF!

This is a posting about a recent Louisiana legal ruling that is quite frankly bizarre. It concerns a push against the victims of sexual abuse and involves shutting them out of the legal process. Children who are Victims of sexual abuse were thrown a lifeline when various states passed the Child Victims Act. Here for … Read more

How to Destroy a School District in One Easy Lesson

Woodland Park School District in Colorado has been infiltrated and then utterly decimated by a group of religious fanatics. They belonged to a church run by Christian Nationalist Andrew Wommack. Actually, the word “decimated”might be the wrong description. That’s a reference to a form of punishment applied to any Roman Legion who dared to mutiny. To restore order, … Read more