Weird Religious News – Beyond Satire and Comedy

weird religious news

A scan of this weeks’ weird religious news is stuff that will strike terror deeply into specific groups of people – namely satirists and comedians. The stuff the right-wing religious promote is so utterly absurd that any attempt to parody it is destined to either fail, or instead be embraced as “truth”. It in effect … Read more

Weird Religious News – Migrants and the Midterms

weird religious news highlights that migrants really don't matter after the election

This week’s selection of weird religious news was of course sourced from election week. I’ve split it into both pre and then post election items. Why? Well basically because the things that were frantically important prior to the election, such as migrants, suddenly ceased in importance once the election was done. Funny that. Side Note: … Read more

Weekly dose of Weird Religious News

weird religious news

As you scan this week’s weird religious news items it becomes rather clear that the looming midterms has the right-wing religious kicking their rhetoric into overdrive. The essence of it all is that all democrats are supposedly evil incarnate and only voting GOP will bring order back to the universe. You can paint me completely … Read more

Weekly Weird Religious News

weird religious news

When it comes to the weekly dose of weird religious news, there is one common thread that consistently persists – the right-wing Religious are consistently looking you in the eye as they rather blatantly lie and promote it all as “Truth”. This is not specifically a religious thing, but rather is more of an extreme … Read more

Weird Religions News – No consent

weird religious news

It has been a few weeks since I last did a weird religious news posting. Perhaps in that time all has gone quiet and the religious right-wing have started to behave with decency, honour, and integrity. [Takes a quick look] er …. no, that’s not how things have panned out, and I’m not exactly surprised. … Read more

Weird Religious News – The Demise of a reputable Impartial Supreme Court

weird religious news

In this week’s weird religious news posting we can see that the highly politicised right-wing believers were operating on a frenzied overdrive during the past week. They now have what the want – a dishonest corrupt judge sitting on the supreme court. The issue is not just about what he did as a teen, but … Read more