George Carlin Has a New Comedy Special

It is indeed rather surprising to discovered that standup comedian George Carlin has a brand new comedy special that includes lots of new material. It is up on YouTube and completely free. As a Carlin fan, I really wanted to be both delighted and also excited, but I’m not. Why is it surprising? Well basically … Read more

Asian Jesus is driving some Fundamentalists into a frenzy

We have one hell of a crazy storm coming up. However, before we go there, let’s first briefly cover a few basics. If I was to ask you where the boundary between Europe and Asia is, then I suspect that many of you would easily nail it by pointing out that the city of Istanbul … Read more

Is Chick-fil-A really being forced to open on Sunday?

The South Carolina Senator, Lindsey Graham, has apparently gotten into the game of granting Chick-fil-A lots of free advertising … A full transcript of the above clip is this … The bottom line is Conservatives are tolerant … we are …you know kind of get out of your business, you leave it alone, I leave … Read more