Did Jesus Die for the Laysan Albatross?

This might start out as something that comes across as a normal average wildlife article, so I better warn you, there is a rather surprising twist coming up. Back in prehistoric March 2007, the then First lady Barbara Bush gave a talk while visiting Hawaii. The occasion was notable because she was sharing her remarks … Read more

Antarctic Sea-Ice at mind blowing low


The word “record breaking” is really not a turn of phrase you want to hear when it comes to climate change, and yet here we are. This has been applied, not just to one or two things, but rather disturbingly, to rather a lot of recent events. Now, here we are with one more shattered … Read more

Climate of Confusion

During the initial Republican debate last week the moderator asked the candidates for a show of hands of how many believe in human-caused climate change. This is what happened … None, not one, was prepared to back science. Mountains of very robust observational evidence and literally millions of scientists within every single nation state on … Read more

Gender & Sex – what do people think vs what is actually true

Once, when in Paris a few years back I happened to be in a restaurant restroom. While pointing Peter at the Porcelain, to my complete shock, one of the female staff wanders in, says “Bonjour” and heads directly to a cupboard to grab some supplies, then wanders back out. Apparently they kept cleaning supplies in … Read more

Why are Some Religious people very prone to embracing Conspiracy Theories?

Thinking a specific way about things can render you to being susceptible to falling down the conspiracy rabbit hole. This has been revealed by an interesting little paper that has recently been published. It reveals a connection between specific types of religious beliefs and conspiracy thinking. Titled “Christ, Country, and Conspiracies? Christian Nationalism, Biblical Literalism, … Read more

Vaccines, Prof Peter Hotez, Elon, Joe Rogan, & RFK Jr

For those pressed for time here is the TL;DR; (Too Long; Didn’t read) version – Prof Hotez is a public hero, Elon, Rogan, and especially RFK Jnr are ignorant assholes. Vaccines work really well and have transformed humanity. OK, if you are still with me, then let’s get into it. Robert Kennedy Jnr Joe Rogan … Read more