The Flashing Divine Spark at Conception

There is a claim that at the moment of conception there is a visible spark. Spoiler alert, it’s a myth, and is simply not true at all. I’ll explain what is actually going on later. Despite this being revealed as a total myth to anybody who looks into it, Republican State Sen. Mike Azinger of West … Read more

Wellness Quacks Target Climate Science

The Wellness industry has taken a new turn and is going in a very weird direction. Before we get into the details and explain why, let’s first cover a few basics. The word “Wellness” sounds positive, but lurking just under the glimmering surface resides a bubbling cauldron of hideous slime and muck. Ingest this at … Read more

Lies, Damn Lies, and Pastors

If you care about the things that are actually true then somebody lying to you or others is something that may indeed concern you. There is no avoiding the observation that there are two distinct types of false information … Only malicious bad actors tend to indulge in manufacturing disinformation, usually to gain influence, acceptance, … Read more

God, Heaven, Angels, Hell, and The Devil

Some words have very specific well understood meanings and some do not. For example if I told you that I liked coffee, then you would probably, if curious, ask for a bit more detail, “What kind of coffee?”. Rather obviously I might mean filtered, instant, or even that I grind special beans after they have … Read more

SCOTUS Endorses Homophobic Bigotry and uses a Lie to do it

Last week SCOTUS wrapped things up and in doing so dropped a few bombshells. Amongst all this noise was the publication of their utterly bizarre decision on 303 Creative. Link to SCOCUS Doc – 303 CREATIVE LLC ET AL. v. ELENIS ET AL. It concerned a graphic design business called 303 Creative LLC that is … Read more

Bible banned from Utah School Libraries

The Bible has been banned. You can say it in many ways, for example you could use just one word, “Karma”, or even use a bible verse “whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap“. However you say it, there is no denying that this is indeed a truly delicious dish that has now … Read more