Weird Poll Claim: “Trump is a man of faith”

So this piece of utterly bizarre weirdness popped up … Yes, they really do indeed mean “Trump”, not some other devout individual who just happens to be unfortunately stuck with the same name. This is the same Trump, who behind closed doors says stuff like the following when faced with pastors clamouring to lay hands … Read more

Vaccines, Prof Peter Hotez, Elon, Joe Rogan, & RFK Jr

For those pressed for time here is the TL;DR; (Too Long; Didn’t read) version – Prof Hotez is a public hero, Elon, Rogan, and especially RFK Jnr are ignorant assholes. Vaccines work really well and have transformed humanity. OK, if you are still with me, then let’s get into it. Robert Kennedy Jnr Joe Rogan … Read more

Pastor claims that CA law will allow parent to kill their baby 30 days after it is born

Pastor Blake Bergstrom of One Church in Georgia made the truly outrageous claim that there is a law in Colorado that allows parents to “murder a baby” seven days after it’s born. He added to that by also claiming that in California they are making a law that would allow parents to kill their baby … Read more

How do the Fact Checkers actually Fact Check?

how do the fact checkers fact check fake news

We all know that misinformation and disinformation abounds and is currently running rampant. Thankfully there are also some very useful resources that can really help: To be specific, I mean the fact-checkers. Well-known examples of organizations that are wholly and completely focused on fact-checking include …  PolitiFact  Snopes etc… There are of course many … Read more

What happens when a Fox News viewer stops watching?

fox news

The term “Fox News Viewer” generally is a quip deployed to describe people who are completely decoupled from reality and instead live within a carefully crafted bubble of disinformation. Everybody knows this, apart from Fox News viewers, it is not exactly a state secret. What made recent headlines on April 4 were a couple of … Read more

Scam Alert: The Human Remains Detector

Over in East Tennessee a guy named Art Bohanan has created what he calls “The Human Remains Detector”. To demonstrate how it works he went with the media to an old cemetery in Knoxville and proceeded to find bones beneath his feet. This happened last Dec 2021. A local news outlet ran the story and … Read more