George Carlin Has a New Comedy Special

It is indeed rather surprising to discovered that standup comedian George Carlin has a brand new comedy special that includes lots of new material. It is up on YouTube and completely free. As a Carlin fan, I really wanted to be both delighted and also excited, but I’m not. Why is it surprising? Well basically … Read more

Gender & Sex – what do people think vs what is actually true

Once, when in Paris a few years back I happened to be in a restaurant restroom. While pointing Peter at the Porcelain, to my complete shock, one of the female staff wanders in, says “Bonjour” and heads directly to a cupboard to grab some supplies, then wanders back out. Apparently they kept cleaning supplies in … Read more

Vaccines, Prof Peter Hotez, Elon, Joe Rogan, & RFK Jr

For those pressed for time here is the TL;DR; (Too Long; Didn’t read) version – Prof Hotez is a public hero, Elon, Rogan, and especially RFK Jnr are ignorant assholes. Vaccines work really well and have transformed humanity. OK, if you are still with me, then let’s get into it. Robert Kennedy Jnr Joe Rogan … Read more

Excess Deaths: Republicans vs Democrats?

With the anti-vaccine stance being politicised and turned into a mostly Republican stance, especially amongst white Evangelicals, we can embrace the thought that this has had consequences. First, let’s clarify something. It is of course obvious, but let’s be clear. Not all Republicans are anti-vaccine, many are rather sensible. Not all white evangelical Republicans are … Read more

Dean of Christian school charged with Kidnapping teen

Today’s posting concerns a rather strange case of kidnapping. In this specific case it concerns a conspiracy between the mother of the kidnapped boy and the Dean of a Christian School. We will get into the specifics of what happened shortly. First, let’s step back and mull over the general concept. Ted Patrick, The Father … Read more

Stupidity Incarnate: “Fake Shooter Drill”

Back in 1917 there was a supreme court case that revolved around the concept of Freedom of Speech – Schenck v. United States. The defendant was opposed to the draft during WWI and had been distributing leaflets to that end. When prosecuted, he took a “Freedom of Speech” stance. Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. took this … Read more