What has Supreme Court done to the EPA? 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) exists for one reason – protect the environment (duh … the clue is in the name). In other words it is all about the creation of a far better world. Who could possibly object to clean air, and clean drinkable water? The Gov of Michigan in 2014 perhaps. Just ask … Read more

Trump’s Affordable Clean Energy rule ‘worse than doing nothing’

Affordable Clean Energy

The phrase “Affordable Clean Energy” crafts an illusion of progress and also an air of respectability. Numbers have been crunched, and it turns out to be a truly bad rule. Given the observation that the Trump administration has their fingerprints all over this, then that’s more or less guaranteed. Incompetent and utterly inept is not … Read more

EPA vs California – The showdown looms ever closer


It has been on the radar for some time now, and as recently as last week I was giving a heads up that this was coming. The EPA has now finally announced that they are rolling back the existing emissions regulations. It’s a proposal, and not a done deal. Notice of Proposed Rulemaking The formal … Read more

EPA to attack California’s Auto emissions standards


Despite a change in leadership at the top of the EPA the fight to rollback Californian auto emissions is still game-on. Bloomberg reports on 23rd July … Trump to Seek Repeal of California’s Smog-Fighting Power … As part of the effort, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will propose revoking the Clean Air Act waiver granted … Read more

Judge Orders Scott Pruitt to produce scientific evidence for his claims

scott pruitt

Scott Pruitt is in a bit of hot water (again), but this is no surprise. As an utterly incompetent Trump appointee, “Hot water” is more or less his place of permanent abode. Scientific American put out an article on 5th June which reports that the … EPA must produce the opposing body of science Administrator … Read more

17 States Sue EPA Over Auto Emissions Standards Rollback


Not too long ago I was writing about the possibility of the EPA rolling back of emission standards. At that time state leaders were confident that if it did happen then they would take appropriate legal action, and expressed confidence that they would win. The latest update is that this drama is now unfolding. The … Read more