Coal Knew


It is now well established that the oil and gas industry knew that their product would have dire consequences for the climate further down the road. But what about the far older coal industry, did they know? A recently rediscovered journal article verifies that they did. Mining Congress Journal, August 1965  Below is the abstract … Read more

Trump’s Affordable Clean Energy rule ‘worse than doing nothing’

Affordable Clean Energy

The phrase “Affordable Clean Energy” crafts an illusion of progress and also an air of respectability. Numbers have been crunched, and it turns out to be a truly bad rule. Given the observation that the Trump administration has their fingerprints all over this, then that’s more or less guaranteed. Incompetent and utterly inept is not … Read more

UK carbon emissions has fallen to levels last seen in 1890

carbon emissions

Carbon Brief, a UK based website that covers the latest developments in climate science, climate policy and energy policy, has published an analysis that points out just how dramatically the UKs CO2 emissions have fallen … Analysis: UK carbon emissions in 2017 fell to levels last seen in 1890 Carbon Brief analysis shows the UK’s CO2 … Read more

Can Coal jobs be revived by Trump?

TL;DR; – No. One big promise by Mr T was the proposal to revive Coal and the associated jobs, but is this realistic? To grasp why this will fall flat when it hits the rather awkward and hard wall of reality means going back to an understanding of why all the coal related jobs vanished. There is … Read more