The 2017 John Maddox Prize Winner – Riko Muranaka

John Maddox Prize

Pictured above is Dr Riko Muranaka who has won the 2017 John Maddox prize. First, a bit of context – what is the John Maddox Prize? The John Maddox Prize is an annual award give by the UK based charity Sense about Science and has been running since 2012. John Maddox himself was a Biologist, … Read more

Hunting for witches in the UK

Leo Igwe, a progressive activist (whom I do know and can vouch for) has written all about the religious idea that witches are real and need to be rooted out. The concept is not new and has existed for quite some time. What is however quite shocking is this … Witchcraft related abuse is a … Read more

Why does a Witch Hunter have a £500 Million libel against @BHAhumanists ?

It sounds like a joke, or perhaps satire – A Nigerian Witch Hunter is suing the British Humanist Association for the princely sum of £500 Million. It this real? Yes it is. Padraig Reidy explains about all of this at Index on Censorship … Her specific claim against the BHA is that an article on its website claimed … Read more

Aviation authority issues warning about Flying Witches … for real, not as a joke.

Leo Igwe , a Nigerian human rights advocate and humanist who I’ve had the deep privilege of meeting, has a nicely written and truly skeptical article within New Zimbabwe all about the daft belief in flying witches. He writes about the rather bizarre claim issued by officials in Swaziland … Some months ago, the aviation authorities in Swaziland issued … Read more