Does Bigfoot really exist, what do we know?

Bigfoot! … Why am I covering a very old topic? Basically because something new has happened. There is a recently published scientific paper that has a bit of a reveal with a fascinating insight. Now, before we go there let’s just go over the basics. Much of this is of course well known. This is … Read more

New Optical Illusion – The “Expanding Hole” – How does it work?

This one is both fun and yet also interesting. The source is a newly published scientific paper, hence the scope here is not simply entertainment but rather it is being used as a tool to explore what is going on inside our brains. First the illusion itself. Look at the image below (You can find … Read more

What happens when a Fox News viewer stops watching?

fox news

The term “Fox News Viewer” generally is a quip deployed to describe people who are completely decoupled from reality and instead live within a carefully crafted bubble of disinformation. Everybody knows this, apart from Fox News viewers, it is not exactly a state secret. What made recent headlines on April 4 were a couple of … Read more