What happens when a Fox News viewer stops watching?

fox news

The term “Fox News Viewer” generally is a quip deployed to describe people who are completely decoupled from reality and instead live within a carefully crafted bubble of disinformation. Everybody knows this, apart from Fox News viewers, it is not exactly a state secret. What made recent headlines on April 4 were a couple of … Read more

Climate Change: People really do change their minds

Once a view is adopted and embraced, is that it, or can humans break free? The answer is of course that people can and do break free from previous ideas and instead accept that they were once wrong. Generally however it does take time, and they also need to work it out for themselves. Chad Myers … Read more

The CNN Atheist Report … the YouTube copy and a few notes

If you missed it, or you live outside the US and don’t have access to CNN, then here it is … How does it play out? We get to meet Mr & Mrs Gormley, and then their son David who is, unlike his parents, not religious, and that has been quite distressing for his parents. They then … Read more

Atheist Tornado Survivor asked by CNN reporter if She ‘Thanks The Lord’

You may already have seen this … but what the heck, its funny … The sad fact is that a lot of religious people appear to think that non-believers behave like this … … but the truth is that the non-religious are just ordinary folks, don’t have horns growing out of their heads, and are … Read more