2018 John Maddox Prize – given for taking a bold scientific stance


You might perhaps have never heard about the John Maddox Prize, and so you could naturally be inclined to think … “The What?”. This however is special. First, let’s very briefly do a bit of background on it. Sense about science is the British charity that funds and promotes the John Maddox Prize in conjunction with the … Read more

The 2017 John Maddox Prize Winner – Riko Muranaka

John Maddox Prize

Pictured above is Dr Riko Muranaka who has won the 2017 John Maddox prize. First, a bit of context – what is the John Maddox Prize? The John Maddox Prize is an annual award give by the UK based charity Sense about Science and has been running since 2012. John Maddox himself was a Biologist, … Read more