Disbelieving Myths to be made illegal in Egypt

atheism in egypt

Atheism in Egypt is back in the news. The correct term to describe a person who does not believe that a god or gods exist is the word “Atheist”. If you are not sure about that, and many of those that do believe do actually reject it as the correct word, then simply google the … Read more

Top 3 Weekly Weird Religious News Items

How do those that trulybelieve handle items of religious weirdness? I recall once attending a bible meeting as a teen (hey, I would try anything at that age). While having lunch, I listened to one chap relate a story to those sitting near him. It was about some bit of weirdness in which he claimed … Read more

Swimming against the tide – Atheist TV channel starts up in Egypt

I would not have thought it possible yet, but apparently there is a new Atheist TV channel in Egypt called “Free Mind TV”. The Voice of America reports … EGYPT— In Egypt, a deeply religious country in a deeply religious region, atheism is not only taboo, it is dangerous.  It is sometimes even criminal to … Read more

The pervasive and endemic intolerance of Islam

It is a sad fact there even in the 21st century, a 7th century mindset still prevails in some places. Is that a factual statement? Indeed it is, the above diagram illustrates the nations that have explicit laws that oppress those that dare to simply stop believing religious nonsense, and if you still doubt this, … Read more

Egypt deploying fake bomb detector as a cure for AIDS

Things in Egypt are really not turning out well at all, the revolution may have offered hope, but then a bunch of religious lunatics hijacked it all and proceeded to impose their specific religious ideals by force upon the population. The Military responded and they in turn grabbed power, and so we are once again back … Read more

Claim: “THE ILLUMINATI MEDIA” (Shows video of fake riot)

OK, so what are we to make of the following … What we see is an apparent Muslim Brotherhood protest attack being faked, or at least it claims that it is a video that shows Muslim Brotherhood protesters posing for a staged photo-op in which deaths and injuries are hoaxed. However, what we do not know, … Read more