Egypt deploying fake bomb detector as a cure for AIDS

Things in Egypt are really not turning out well at all, the revolution may have offered hope, but then a bunch of religious lunatics hijacked it all and proceeded to impose their specific religious ideals by force upon the population. The Military responded and they in turn grabbed power, and so we are once again back to a pre-revolutionary dictatorship run by a gang of thugs that pretends to be a democracy.

As a symptom or even a symbol of the utter insanity that currently prevails, the LA times writes about this latest device

Egypt’s military on Saturday pressed ahead with promotion of a fanciful device it claims can diagnose and cure AIDS and hepatitis, announcing that it would be tested in the next six months on larger numbers of patients in army hospitals.

… The military’s supposedly miraculous medical device — a metal gizmo that has been described as resembling a kitchen hand mixer — drew wide ridicule when it was unveiled in February as the invention of an army general. Even a science advisor to the then-interim president, Adly Mansour, said the claim that it cures viruses had no scientific basis.

Nonetheless, at a news conference Saturday, with only selected Egyptian news outlets allowed to attend, officials again said that it had successfully treated some patients and that the device would be used on 160 more for testing purposes over the next six months. Egypt has an extremely high rate of hepatitis C, which is generally considered to be among the most serious of the hepatitis viruses.

Curious to see it? … OK, here it is …This file image made from undated video broadcast on Egyptian State Television on Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2014 shows a device that the Egyptian army claims will detect and cure AIDS and Hepatitis.


Yes, it is our old friend, the fake bomb detector. This device that they claim to have “invented” is the exact same device that con-man Gary Bolton and also James McCormick were selling all around the world as a bomb detector – they were caught, exposed as frauds, and sent to jail.

Both AIDS and also Hepatitis C are extremely serious problems in Egypt, in fact some studies estimate that up to 10 percent of 86 million Egyptians have Hep-C, making it an epidemic, and so over 70,000 people have signed up to take part in trials.

Lets be 100% clear … its a stick, attacked to a box that has exactly nothing inside it – somebody is pulling a scam here, and rather a lot of desperate people are being given false hope.

The aroma of Bullshit wafting from all this is very strong

You can find the paper that supposedly describes how this device work – here in the World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (Vol 7 No 12 2013) … it all looks very sciency and is sufficient to fool many, but the claims being made are utter nonsense.

Islam Hussein, an Egyptian virologist working in MIT, made a detailed video debunking the science in the piece. The video runs close to 90 minutes

The actual claims being made are utterly daft – the device is claimed to work remotely through electromagnetic waves. This is supposedly the first process that uses biological electromagnetic frequencies (BEMF) to detect signature marks of the viruses, but this is of course meaningless technobabble designed to befuddle and fool the scientifically illiterate.

They also claim that they have filed a patent for this device – but that is not a factual statement, an examination reveals that their patent is just a claim with no specifics.

As for the “scientific” paper – that has been published in World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, but that is a well-known predatory publisher that publishes hoaxes and poorly peer reviewed or non-reviewed papers, and so it not a credible scientific journal at all.


It is perhaps all rather symbolic of the entire political situation in Egypt – the military are offering false hope to people who desperately want a better future, but have nothing of any actual substance to offer.

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