Claim: “THE ILLUMINATI MEDIA” (Shows video of fake riot)

OK, so what are we to make of the following …

What we see is an apparent Muslim Brotherhood protest attack being faked, or at least it claims that it is a video that shows Muslim Brotherhood protesters posing for a staged photo-op in which deaths and injuries are hoaxed. However, what we do not know, and have no evidence for, is who actually filmed this or staged this, we have no means of verifying this at all. Nor is  the source credible or reliable.

Clearly propaganda is indeed being manufactured.

  • Would the Muslim Brotherhood manufacture staged photo-ops? – Yep, that is indeed credible and very believable
  • Would the opposition seed something like this to discredit the Muslim Brotherhood? – That also is credible and very believable.
  • Would external players enter the game like this to nudge the public within Egypt in a specific direction? – Yes, they would.

What is certain and beyond doubt is that the conflict within Egypt is not simply thugs on the streets, be they military or Muslim brotherhood thugs, but also consists of propaganda, and of course stuff like this will be touted by those with a specific agenda to confirm their conspiracy claims … Zionists, Illuminiti, the CIA, Islam, etc… take your pick.

For example …

  • “Ha, look how those wicked Muslim Brotherhood guys manufacture fake riots with fake blood, etc…”

Or …

  • “Ha, look how those wicked Military guys manufacture fake propaganda claims to discredit the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Or …

  • “Ha, look how those wicked CIA / Mossad / Hamas guys manufacture fake propaganda claims to …”

… and that is the problem here, you can adopt any of these claims.

So what should be make of this?

With no way of verifying it, we simply cannot use this as “evidence” for anything at all. In fact, we cannot even claim that propaganda is being manufactured. What if this is something else – a silent protest, and is not propaganda being manufactured – we simply do not know.

When faced with a claim like this, then no matter how much you might like to utilize it to confirm a view you hold, if it simply cannot be verified, then it is not “evidence” at all and needs to be discarded.

Bottom line – be skeptical of all claims and even if you want to believe them, don’t if there is no verification – instead retain your integrity.


  • Now this is a propaganda claim that has more credibility, the Washington Times reports an instance of Al-Jazeera broadcasting a pro-Muslim Brotherhood video of fake street death – they checked and verified the details, and cite sources so that you also can check

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