How can you effectively debunk False Beliefs?


You will encounter people who sincerely and very deeply assure you that something that is very obviously not correct is a fact. You don’t need to think very hard for examples. Here are a couple of very obvious ones: The objective of this posting is not to have a go at “them”, nor is it … Read more

Debunking: the non-religious are smarter than the religious

religious intelligence

A couple of days ago the UK’s Independent, and several other media outlets, have promoted this claim … Religious people are, on average, less intelligent than atheists, researchers claim.  To be clear, this posting is not simply a dig at the Independent. Other outlets ran with the same story. The International Business Times very explicitly … Read more

Debunking the Gateway to Sedona

Last august a YouTubber who uses the name FunkyFatHead published a YouTube clip entitled “Gateway to Sedona”. Within this he demonstrates that he can use a frequency generator to open up a gateway in his bedroom to Sedona. It has had close to 1 million hits. In fact, here it is … Lots of hits on YouTube … Read more

Debunking Atheist Myths

Amanda Marcotte has written a nice article that very effectively slices and dices the following ten myths into shreds … There are no atheists in foxholes Atheists are just angry with God Atheists are aggressive and rude Atheism is a white dude thing Atheism is just a faith like any other Atheists don’t have a … Read more

Debunking Rabbi Averick’s attack against “Atheist Logic”

Rabbi Moshe Averick, an ordained Orthodox Rabbi, wrote an article in Algemeiner a few days ago that attacks what he calls “The Flawed Logic of the Atheist”. OK, first a couple of side points, then we will dive in and see what he thinks. What the heck is “The Algemeiner” and why have I never heard … Read more