How can you effectively debunk False Beliefs?


You will encounter people who sincerely and very deeply assure you that something that is very obviously not correct is a fact. You don’t need to think very hard for examples. Here are a couple of very obvious ones: The objective of this posting is not to have a go at “them”, nor is it … Read more

What do Evangelicals actually believe?


The basis for this posting is the result of a poll conducted by a Christian group named “Ligonier Ministries“, and no, I’ve never heard of them either. Their poll was conducted in 2018 and the details were published about one month ago … Ligonier Ministries teamed up with LifeWay Research, the research arm of the … Read more

How common are “new age” beliefs?

new age

First let’s define what the term “new age belief” means. It is basically a catch-all term that involves a belief in non-traditional supernatural claims such as reincarnation, astrology, psychics and the presence of spiritual energy in physical objects like mountains or trees. The term “New Age” harks back to the 1970s movements that embraced such ideas … Read more

Weird Claims: “Einstein was a religious believer”

The topic of Einsteins religious views is one that quite frequently pops up and it was only a few days ago that I was writing a rebuttal to somebody who was asserting that claim. Well, it has all popped up again, and so I do wonder if we can label this as classic-weird. So this latest … Read more