COVID-19 Coronavirus Mythology

What is perhaps inevitable is that when some major event happens, conspiracy theories and myths take off. This is not unique to COVID-19, it happens with any and every major event. It might be tempting to simply roll your eyes and ignore it, but not addressing some of these myths will indeed have consequences. Take … Read more

Popular Climate Change denial Myths


Katharine Hayhoe is not only a professor and director of the Climate Science Center at Texas Tech University, but she is also the lead author on volumes one and two of the fourth national climate assessment. This means that she will find herself being faced again and again with climate change denialism and so she … Read more

Debunking Roseanne Barr myths

Roseanne Barr

Now that the dust has settled a little and the media frenzy has died down, I’d like to focus on it all by examining a few of the claims that have been tossed around within the twitter maelstrom. People tweet racist stuff all the time, so why all the focus? It is different for various … Read more

Debunking 5 common Darwin myths – #DarwinDay

charles darwin

Today is officially International Darwin day. No seriously, it really is, I’m not making that up, the 12th February is officially Darwin day. It was chosen because Charles Darwin was born on 12th February 1809, and so it is celebrated all around the world today. Celebrating the life and works of Charles Darwin goes right … Read more