Earth’s fish are disappearing because of climate change


There is a new study that highlights yet another climate change impact. It is of course true that many stocks are overfished and poorly managed, however the newly published study, “Impacts of historical warming on marine fisheries production“, has brought to light yet another factor – climate change. What this study brings to the table … Read more

Climate Science 101

climate science

The website RealClimate has a great “StartHere” option where you can learn all about climate science. Is that really a good place to start, or is it simply one lone subject matter expert listing things from his unique viewpoint? Actually, it really is a great place to start. The website consists of commentary on climate … Read more

Drinking the Alt-Right Cool aid: Climate Science Daily Caller article

daily caller

Recently a right-wing Facebook “friend” shared an article from the Daily Caller that claimed that Satellite data showed no acceleration in warming for the past 23 years. Apart from the rather obvious “How did this guy get on my FB friends list?” question, I do actually find it fascinating to observe how such “truth” is … Read more

What happens when Climate Science comes under political attack?

John Church

Today I have a story that comes via the New York Times. Highlighting this is perhaps partially a controversial move on my part due to the recent hiring of a Climate denying journalist, Bret Stephens, by the New York Times in the name of “balance”. To put it politely, I’m not exactly thrilled by that move. … Read more