Open Letter from Scientists to President-Elect Trump on Climate Change – #ActOnClimate

Scientific American has an open letter that is addressed to Donald Trump. It specifically relates to Climate Change and hence for rather obvious reasons asks him to take six key steps to address climate change to help protect “America’s economy, national security, and public health and safety.”. Everybody who has signed is a US based subject … Read more

UK Petition Alert: Remove Church of England Bishops from the House of Lords

We have a UK Petition rolling that calls for the clerics within the House of Lords to be removed … With the publication of the Church of England’s intention to sanction the US Episcopal Church over the latter’s sympathetic stance towards equal marriage, the C of E is quite out of step with UK Law … Read more

Take Action: Two Sisters to be raped as punishment – Please demand justice

UPDATE (8th Sept) – The claim that the two sisters were sentenced to be raped appears to be false, so you can ignore this petition – my apologies. Here is an Amnesty International petition for you to sign – Please do not skip this, international attention truly does get results. I’ve lifted the following directly from … Read more

Petition: Remember the victims of honour killings

Pavanpreet Ahmed has a petition you should consider signing, it reads … My mother was murdered when I was seven-years-old. She was lured to India from the UK thinking she was going to a family wedding and then killed by hit men ordered by my dad and grandma. They had her murdered because she had asked for … Read more

Jimmy Wales responds to a daft petition

There are some whom you simply have to applaud for their decency, common sense and willingness to strive to make the world a truly better place. One such example of that is Jimmy Wales, the chap who founded and promotes Wikipedia (Oh and yes, that back there rather ironically is a link to his own … Read more