Climate Stress Signals – Tipping Points

climate stress

I have two climate stories today. Both highlight how climate change is impacting ecosystems. In isolation each is alarming. Put them together and we can view them as signals, a strong warning, that these major and rather important ecosystems are suffering considerable stress and face total wipeout if we continue to do nothing truly meaningful. … Read more

Climate and The Funnel


Last Wednesday (16th Oct 2019) the Guardian’s editor-in-chief published the following climate pledge … Today we pledge to give the climate crisis the attention it demands At the Guardian we believe the climate crisis is the most urgent issue of our times. And we know that Guardian readers are equally passionate about the need for … Read more

The stunning silence of the BBC


There are some stories of vital national importance to the UK and yet the BBC has chosen to remain more or less silent. I’m specifically referring to … The scandals around the Brexit referendum. The Leave campaign were not simply a tad naughty, they broke the law The interference by Russia in the Brexit vote. Arron … Read more

Weekly Weird Religious News

Pat Robertson weekly weird religious news

In some respects some aspects of Christianity looks fine on paper – do good, be loving, etc… While Christianity has no monopoly on such ideas, it never did, and none of the various supernatural claims have any evidence to back them up, the far more disturbing observation is the actual behaviour of those that claim … Read more

Weekly Weird Religious News

weird religious news

The vast majority of humans, with or without a specific religious belief, are in general normal decent people. The religious ones enjoy the festivals, and also go through the religious rituals because they are in the club, but tend not to take it too seriously. There is however a smaller subset who take culturally inherited … Read more

Top 10 most reliable news sources vs bottom 10

reliable news

Since we live in the age of “Fake News” and “Alternative Facts”, then knowing how people work out what is and is not actually true  is something I find interesting, and I suspect I’m not alone in this. If I picked my personal top 10 most reliable news sources, you might simply agree, but then … Read more