Climate Stress Signals – Tipping Points

climate stress

I have two climate stories today. Both highlight how climate change is impacting ecosystems. In isolation each is alarming. Put them together and we can view them as signals, a strong warning, that these major and rather important ecosystems are suffering considerable stress and face total wipeout if we continue to do nothing truly meaningful. … Read more

Fake Autism Cures on Amazon


If you go to Amazon and enter “Autism Cure” you will be offered a long selection of complete and utter bullshit. Given the recent news, this is to some degree a bit surprising, and yet given their desire to publish anything just to make a buck or two, perhaps not. A few days ago the … Read more

Warming Oceans are changing rainfall patterns


On a planet where we are increasing the amount of greenhouse gases, both the atmosphere and also the ocean become warmer. The rather obvious consequence is of course the the melting of ice and rising sea level, but other things also happen. Tropical Cyclones, (also known as Hurricanes) which are driven by warm oceans become … Read more

The Amazonian Book of Mormon Wars

The Amazon review system is one that often cries out for parody and humour to be deployed, or perhaps even simply “truth”, and so it should perhaps come as no surprise to learn that a rather heated war has broken out within the reviews of the Book Of Mormon on Amazon. So far, (at time … Read more