Spring is in the air, it is getting warmer – #Climate


Sometimes a few pictures is a more powerful statement than many pages of words. The UK’s Guardian has a callout here for readers to send in pictures of any early signs of spring in the UK. What came back was published a few days ago last Tuesday (13th Feb) … ‘A first in my 60 years’: … Read more

Leila Alaoui – The artist who was killed by jihadists

The Independent has a moving tribute to Leila Alaoui, the talented young photographer, who was shot dead by four heavily-armed thugs in an al-Qaeda attack on a popular café in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso … Scores of women were among the crowd saying goodbye to an artist and human rights campaigner whose death has sent shockwaves … Read more

Hey this is cool … adding a new dimension by Time-Laspe mining photos

Now this is cool, a couple of clever chaps from the University Of Washington in conjunction with google have worked out a way of Time-Lapse mining photos from the internet and turning them into a movie of how things change over time. As explained by them …  We introduce an approach for synthesizing time-lapse videos … Read more

Being offended by cartoons discussed on #BBCTBQ

The question came up today on the BBCs Big Question, and so in response to that I’ve written this up to add a few additional observations. Offensive Images The idea that an image of a specific human is offensive is a specifically religious idea, and while popular within Islam today, it was not always the case, … Read more

Who actually owned the copyright to a picture

Above is a fabulous picture of a grinning female macaque – so who actually owns the copyright for this? Is it the person who owns the camera, or the person who borrowed the camera and took the picture? In this case, because it is in dispute … the answer is supposedly nobody and so it is claimed … Read more