SGU at #TAM2014

If you are at TAM or know who SGU are, then you can just skip this bit and go directly to the pictures. Whenever I meet new people at TAM, I often ask, “What brings you here, how did you find out about it all?”. The answer that is perhaps the most common is one … Read more

A few sample pictures from #TAM2014

Having taken lots of pictures, I’ve taken a quick glance and plucked out a sample of six … (feel fee to help yourself). First, we have the Amazing one … … and of course it is George Hrab, who has done a fabulous job filling in dead air with laptops refuse to play … Marriette … Read more

The Hitchhikers guide to #TAM2014 – a few notes on how to thrive

Yea hey … its #TAM2014 time (hint the twitter hash tag is #TAM2014 … ah but that is how you found this perhaps). OK first point, this is not an official guide, just a few (hopefully brief) notes that will hopefully help you to not just survive, but thrive. What is happening where and when? Surf on … Read more

#TAM9 – Some Images

I’ve plucked out a few of my favorite pictures that I captured while at TAM and added a few thoughts. Oh, and least you wonder, yes you can indeed click on any of the pictures to see a larger copy.

I’ve also been advised that all the talks will be made available for free, so as they become available, I’ll post the links.

Where is Randi?

You know the game “Where is Waldo?”, well here is the TAM equivalent called “Where is Randi?”. OK, its a bit of fun, but a serious point can still be drawn from this.

James Randi has an international reputation as a magician and escape artist, but today he is best known as the world’s most tireless investigator and demystifier of paranormal and pseudoscientific claims. In this role over many years he has had a profound influence on countless lives.

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