James Hansen wishes he wasn’t right about global warming

James Hansen

Almost 30 years ago to the day in June 1988, NASA Scientist James Hansen testified before a Congress committee in Washington. He explained … “Global warming has reached a level such that we can ascribe with a high degree of confidence a cause and effect relationship between the greenhouse effect and observed warming…It is already … Read more

James Hansen: Clear Link Between #Climate Change & Stronger Hurricanes

James Hansen

A few days ago I highlighted a posting by Climate Scientist Michael E Mann in which he lays out the case for climate change making Harvey a lot worse. Today I’d like to point to another deeply experienced climate scientist, James Hansen, saying the same. Before we get to the actual interview there are perhaps … Read more

Reducing CO2 is not enough to deal with Climate Change

The prevailing initiatives for addressing climate change are focused upon the reduction of our CO2 emissions via the Paris Agreement. This is of course a rather obvious step, but what is also becoming clear is that current goals will not be enough. Some longer term thinking has been articulated within a new study entitled “Young … Read more

James Hansen, father of climate science, has a truly scary paper telling you what comes next.

James Hansen, helped raise the first real public awareness of climate change way back in 1988 when he testified before congress. It is right that he should be the name associated with the topic because he has pioneered modern climate science. He is now doing it again. His latest research pointed to a conclusion that … Read more