IgNobel 2019 – Funny and Fascinating – #IgNobel

The 29th First Annual IgNobel Prize ceremony happened last night at the Sanders Theatre in Harvard University, Cambridge. It is a tad tricky to explain. The IgNobel awards are parody, but also serious, and yet still done as a spoof , but the research that wins is real research published in credible peer-review journals. Those that win … Read more

IgNobel 2018 – Funny and Fascinating – #IgNobel


Since 1991 we have seen the announcement of the IgNobel awards every September. This parody of the far more serious Nobel Prize is where the science community pauses to laugh at itself by granting awards at a formal ceremony held at MIT. Prizes go to the weirdest bits of real published research. This is not … Read more

Solid and liquid cats wins 2017 #IgNobel award

Each September the #IgNobel awards, a parody of the Nobel Prize, gives out awards to the weirdest bit of real research that has taken place in the past year. While the award itself is satirical social criticism and not a real award, the research it highlights is quite real. It’s also not new, this has … Read more

The #IgNobel awards have been announced

This year’s Ig Nobel awards have been announced. No, not Nobel, but Ig Nobel, because these are spoof awards, but the research that gets an Ig Nobel is wholly real. The fact that the scientific community is prepared to both mock and laugh at itself is indeed both praiseworthy and truly entertaining as well. To qualify … Read more

The 2015 IgNobel awards have been announced

OK yes, I’d a tad behind the curve, the 2015 awards were actually announced on the 17th. You might be wondering what IgNobel is all about, and so, as suggested by the name, they are a series of awards that usually precede the actual Nobel announcements by a couple of weeks (which will be happing on … Read more