How hot is too hot for Humans?

Back in June last year, I was answering this question, “How Hot is too Hot for you to survive?“. The answer then was that the upper limit for human survivability was 35 C. That sounds weirdly low. Stick with me, we will come to that shortly. Where I’m going with this is that there has … Read more

Baked Alaska Temperature Records

alaska temperature records

NOAA Climate.Goc has published details of the record breaking temperatures currently being measured in Alaska under the title “High temperatures smash all-time records in Alaska in early July 2019“. What they are reporting is not simply a few degrees above average, but 20 to 30 degrees higher than normal in some locations … On July … Read more

Heat is Building up in the Oceans

oceans and heat

The increase of greenhouse gases since the industrial revolution has in turn led to an increase in heat within both the atmosphere and also the oceans. Understanding the ocean impact is rather important because that is where about 90% of the increase in heat has gone. We do have accurate historical atmospheric temperature measurements, but … Read more