The GOP Debate … what did they say and who won?

OK, so there is plenty of coverage of the GOP candidate debate and so I need not cover it in too much detail except to perhaps add a few additional rather obvious observations. As a hint, the picture above more or less sums it all up. So what did they actually say? Every candidate more or … Read more

#BBCTBQ asks – Have human rights laws achieved more for mankind than religion?

Today’s BBC The Big Question looks to be a very interesting one, it asks just one question, “Have human rights laws achieved more for mankind than religion?” Those taking part include … @andrewcopson  Andrew Copson Vice President at International Humanist and Ethical Union, and Chief Executive at British Humanist Association @PeterTatchell human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell @MaryamNamazie  Maryam Namaze from the … Read more

Reviewing a Christian response to the atheist ten non-commandments

If you are not sure what these new improved ten commandments are or where they came from, then you can read the posting I wrote about them here. Many “Christian” responses to them are what you might indeed anticipate and expect, and fall into categories that are best described as either “unthinking” and/or “impolite”, but I have come across one … Read more

How to debate effectively within the online inferno

Most of us tend to engage in on-line discussions these days, and the rather common pattern you will often observe in that context is as follows: Somebody posts something, and a vigorous debate ensues within the comments, usually one it which people are speaking over each other’s heads and not really engaging at all. At the end, nobody … Read more

Debate: Matt Dillahunty vs Sye Ten Bruggencate

I must confess that I quite enjoy debates, but at the same time recognise they are not everybody’s cup of tea. Perhaps my interest stems from the thought that all ideas should be robustly challenged, especially those that I hold. But then I do also like to view it as an opportunity to potentially gain additional insights into what makes those with religious beliefs tick. … Read more

The “Death is not Final” debate is up on YouTube now #AfterDeath

I blogged about the “Death is not Final” debate a few days ago, but until now all you had were my notes. Now, here is the actual debate itself … What strikes me as an interesting discovery is that both of those for the motion, Dr. Eben Alexander (Neurosurgeon & Author, Proof of Heaven), and … Read more