Is Mandating Ten Commandments in schools crazy?

Spoiler alert – the short answer is “yes”. Here now is the longer answer that not only explains why, by not just having a pop at the ten commandments as a concept, but also digs into the flaws in the Act and highlights how the lawsuit filed yesterday to counter it is rather solid. To … Read more

Can we Improve the Ten Commandments?

Ten Commandments

For many who sincerely believe, the Ten Commandments are the keystones of all that is good. They are supposedly a set of ten direct instructions given to Moses by God. Fascinating Observations For many, the claim is that the bible is their moral guidebook and these ten commandments are the foundation. What I find truly … Read more

Reviewing a Christian response to the atheist ten non-commandments

If you are not sure what these new improved ten commandments are or where they came from, then you can read the posting I wrote about them here. Many “Christian” responses to them are what you might indeed anticipate and expect, and fall into categories that are best described as either “unthinking” and/or “impolite”, but I have come across one … Read more