Is Coffee drinking associated with a longer life?


Many of us drink rather a lot of coffee. Warning, I’m not an exception to that, I guess I do have a bias here since I consume lots of it. Interestingly enough, some don’t. I do once recall meeting a biochemist who insisted that he never drank it because he was aware of all the … Read more

Time to wake up and smell the Coffee


The title is not a metaphor, this is a posting that is quite literally about Coffee. Be aware that it is a substance that I consume lots of on a regular basis, so I may indeed be a tad biased. The news is that a meta-analysis of many Coffee studies has declared it to be … Read more

Web History: The Coffee Potty

I appear to be falling into a habit of writing a not so serious posting for the weekend and so in keeping with that tradition, let’s start by taking a small ramble over the history of the very first live webcam. The Trojan Room Coffee Pot The world’s very first live WebCam emerged from the depths … Read more