Covid-19: Questions of conscience and duty for scientific advisers

The following has been published within the BMJ on 28th May 2020. I’ve replicated it below without comment. England is abandoning lockdown and possibly hope of containing a second wave of covid-19. From 1 June schools will open to children other than those of key workers. Outdoor markets and car showrooms will reopen. In two … Read more

Is cancer fundraising fuelling quackery?

fake cancer cure

There is a new article that has been published within the BMJ using the above question. Spoiler alert, the answer is “yes”. The article is not really asking the question, but instead is laying out the empirical evidence that confirms that this is exactly what is going on. The pattern is perhaps familiar. Somebody, perhaps … Read more

Time to wake up and smell the Coffee


The title is not a metaphor, this is a posting that is quite literally about Coffee. Be aware that it is a substance that I consume lots of on a regular basis, so I may indeed be a tad biased. The news is that a meta-analysis of many Coffee studies has declared it to be … Read more