Nobel Prize 2018 – Chemistry


Today it is the 3rd of the 4 Nobel awards scheduled for announcement this week – Chemistry. This one is interesting for three reasons. Those who did not win .. but should have. Dmitri Mendeleev created the periodic table, and so was perhaps the ideal candidate for the Nobel prize in Chemistry, but alas he was never granted it. … Read more

2016 Nobel Prize – Chemistry – Tiny Machines win

And so today it is on to the third of the big three Nobel Prizes. The announcement of a Nobel award is always a surprise. If you ever hear about a claim that somebody was once nominated for a Nobel prize but did not actually win, then unless it was a nomination that is fifty … Read more

Nobel Prize 2015 : Chemistry

And so it is on to the Nobel Prize announcement for Chemistry today and this is indeed for something quite fascinating. The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2015 Tomas Lindahl Prize share: 1/3 Paul Modrich Prize share: 1/3 Aziz Sancar Prize share: 1/3 The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has decided to award the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 2015 to … Read more

2014 Nobel Prize – Chemistry … this is not something small, it really is a big deal

And so it is on to the Nobel Prize announcement for Chemistry and I’m betting that they have won the prize for doing something that is basically described using a collection of words you have never heard of and have no idea what they mean at all … well it is not just you, many … Read more