How can you get around Book Censorship?

Banning and perhaps even burning books has been a popular pastime for some. I can only wonder if those motivated to embark upon this path have ever actually read Ray Bradbury‘s dystopian “Fahrenheit 451“. For those unfamiliar with that, it is a 1953 book about a future American society in which all books have been … Read more

Censorship of Science – Purging National Park Documents

Elizabeth Shogren writes in Reveal on 10th Sept about the censorship of National Park foundation documents. Apparently they contained naughty words that should not be committed to paper. To be specific it involved the specific term “Climate Change”. Under the title “National park officials were told climate change was ‘sensitive.’ So they removed it from … Read more

Trump Administration Censoring Science


I’ve previously written a few postings on this topic. Back in May I was writing about the censorship of press releases at the US Department of the Interior (a study highlighted an increasing risk of global flooding, but the press release purged all references to the cause being Climate change). A month later evidence was … Read more

Human Role in Climate Change censored from science report

political censorship

Reveal, a nonprofit investigative journalism organisation founded in 1977, has an article by Elizabeth Shogren on the emerging anti-science policy within the US Dept of Interior. The US department of the Interior is currently run by Ryan Zinke, a Trump appointed climate denier. His record is one in which he has opposed objections from environmentalists on issues such as … Read more

Is Iran really censoring “Wine” and other words?

You might indeed be tempted to initially think it to be a comedy sketch, but apparently there are words so terrifying that the Iranian minister of culture has decided to ban them, for example the word “wine”, or at least that is what the Telegraph claims … Iran’s culture ministry has decided to censor the use of the … Read more

Censorship of @MaryamNamazie at the @Guardian

Maryam Namazie, like many of us, was quite frankly appalled with David Shariatmadari’s apologetics for Islamism that was recently published on 2nd Oct in the UKs Guardian, so she contacted them and demanded a right of reply. She was very much the target of his article, was named within it, and so it was wholly appropriate that … Read more