Does Josh McDowell have Evidence That Demands a Verdict?

Josh McDowell

The Christian Post has published an article by Josh McDowell in which he makes some amazing claims. For example he cites the existence of Forensic evidence that Jesus Rose from the dead. Normally I’d roll my eyes at stuff like this and then move on, but I’m pausing for two reasons to take a closer look. … Read more

The Atheist who found God

Christian apologist Joel Lurches has written a conversion story within the Examiner that I’ll take a quick peek at today. It basically concerns the conversion of a Norwegian Atheist and Feminist Nina Karin Monsen to Christian. A conversion story is of course one the primary means of Christian apologetics. It is never ever “Look, here is some evidence that … Read more

Claim: There is “Evidence” that demands a verdict for Jesus

Jerry Newcombe, a Christian apologist, has a posting up that is entitled “A challenge to skeptics: an Easter message“. Ooooh, a challenge, who can resist, so I thought I’d take a look (spoiler alert: don’t hold your breath waiting to be challenged because you won’t be). Have you ever heard of Theudas? How about Judas of … Read more

Ah but you really do secretly believe … right?

So the following quote comes from “The Blaze” and thus needs to be digested with a rather huge lump of salt … Journalist and pastor Lee Strobel — an atheist reporter-turned-Christian writer — is wondering whether a person’s relationship with his or her father could be impacting what individuals believe about the existence of a higher power. Strobel, who commissioned the … Read more

Replying to comments – A rebuttal for Dualism

I tend to normally let comments stand asis and generally don’t reply, but today I have one that provokes a bit of thought. A couple of days ago, I blogged a response to an article by Paul Poulton, the singer/songwriter, author and speaker. He in turn has replied and dropped a thoughtful reply, and so it … Read more

Claim: 4 Truths to Combat Atheism’s Lie

Ooooh … somebody has a rebuttal for non-belief, well this should be fun. Over at Charisma News is an article entitled “4 Truths to Combat Atheism’s Lie“, and if the evidence there is compelling, then it would indeed potentially be quite interesting. You are not holding your breath on this are you and if so … Read more