#ThingsJesusNeverSaid – Pointing at Right-Wing Hypocrites

There is a wonderful twitter tag called #ThingsJesusNeverSaid. No this is not a religious trend, but rather is a political one. The background context is that the GOP jumped into bed with Jesus a few decades ago because they wanted to harvest the religious vote by pandering to that demographic. It worked, and so we … Read more

Analysis of 2.7 billion tweets confirms Echo Chambers on Twitter

echo chamber

First, just for completeness, here is a quick definition. The term “Echo Chamber” is a reference to the idea that people are increasingly being only exposed to the ideas that they agree with, and don’t hear the arguments of those with whom they do not agree. The net effect is that we become more polarised. … Read more

Are all your Twitter friends human? #bots and #botnets


You may indeed have Twitter Bots that are following you or that you follow that are openly and transparently bots. These are the  harmless ones run by a piece of software, and exist to provide a useful service. Examples include PoetryBot, CloudVision (A Photo Bot), or simply News Bot to tweet out headlines. Generally nobody has … Read more