What is the Dietary Supplements fuss all about?


While attending the QEDcon conference in Manchester last weekend, I was approached by one chap who handed me his mobile saying “Oh my God have you see this?“. It was this story from CNN … Nearly 800 dietary supplements sold over the counter from 2007 through 2016 contained unapproved drug ingredients, a new analysis of … Read more

Do Fish Oil supplements help you to stay healthy?

omega-3 fish oil

Are you taking Omega-3 supplements, or in fact any supplement? If so, then it is often well worth pausing and asking yourself why you are doing so. Questions to ponder over include … Does this really help to keep me healthy? What leads me to think that it is beneficial? If you are self-medicating, have … Read more

Is it worth taking Vitamins?


There is a thriving and rapidly expanding industry that is selling the idea that taking vitamins is beneficial. This is a hugely profitable enterprise that by last year had grown to $36.1 billion a year. It thrives and flourishes because we buy into the idea that taking these supplements will make us healthier and perhaps … Read more