April Fools in the age of #FakeNews

april fools

Given the date yesterday then below are a few of the tweets and stories that amused me, but also a few thoughts as well. I must confess that in an age where #FakeNews has been weaponised April Fools day does perhaps have a darker side that we were not aware of in a more innocent … Read more

Top 5 April Fool pranks that went very very wrong

OK, so the weekend is upon us and it is time to chill. Yesterday was the 1st April, so did anything fool you or was it all obvious? Anyway, regardless of how that played out personally for you, it does not always turn out the way that the pranksters intend. This year Google managed to seriously screw … Read more

The 10 Best April Fools’ Pranks Ever

This is perhaps very subjective, after all, how exactly do you measure, “best”? Anyway, regardless of individual opinion, these are quite funny .. All time Best Ever Here, first are the best 10 ever, in that they fooled a lot of people at the time … What about 2013? So what have we got this … Read more

Fools Gold

The UK’s Guardian started a live blog buildup to the Royal Wedding yesterday. It starts at 07:30, and was full of juicy gossip, but then at 11:38 this appears … We’ve received a communication from Buckingham Palace suggesting that some of the contents of this blog could contravene the Treason Felony Act of 1848. According … Read more