Top 3 Items of Religious Weirdness in 2017

religious weirdness trump support

Normally, once per week, I write up a posting that spotlights my personal selection of the top three items of religiously inspired weirdness that happened during the past seven days. Today however, for rather obvious reasons, I’m looking back over the past calendar year to pick out the top three items of religious weirdness. Rather … Read more

Apparently only 92% of Atheists are Atheists


Back in 2007 PewResearch did a comprehensive Religious landscape survey. That was then updated with a repeat poll in 2014. You can find all the online results here. There you can drill down into the specific details for any demographic. As a quick summary, here are the overall results … Life has of course moved … Read more

Exactly how much support does ISIS have?

ISIS has managed to attract some rather suggestible people into abandoning their existing life and fleeing to Syria to join up and fight for the cause, the term they use to describe this is “Hijra”. The observation that many have walked this road leaves you wondering just how much support they actually have, and so to answer … Read more

Latest Poll: Christianity shrinking very fast in U.S

The Pew Research Center released their latest results yesterday for 2014, and what they have yielded is a result that is not really a surprise … “Christians Decline Sharply as Share of Population; Unaffiliated and Other Faiths Continue to Grow” OK, so let’s poke about in the numbers a bit and see what pops out, … Read more

A few thoughts on the Pew Research “religion will be big in 2050” poll

As might be expected, the pew research poll that claims a huge growth in religious belief has turned into a bit of a wet dream for many religious folks. For example, here is Fr. Dwight Longenecker (a Catholic priest) claiming “The Facts: Atheism is Dying Out” … It is religion which continues to grow around the world while … Read more

Perceptions of Non-belief and Morality

Yet another Pew Research poll appears to confirm that in the minds of many, non-belief equates to being wicked and evil. When it comes to what attributes would not be voted for in 2016, the winner was supposedly “Atheism”. Really? Potentially yes, their press release explains … On the other side of the ledger, not believing in … Read more