Rep. Lamar Smith has a Fox News article

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Neither Rep. Lamar Smith nor Fox News have a reputation of either honesty or integrity, for the discovery that Mr Smith has published a highly deceptive and dishonest article on Fax News a few days ago is not exactly a surprise. There are in fact no credible media outlets that would be prepared to publish such … Read more

Lamar Smith Claims: “Don’t Believe Hysteria Over Carbon Dioxide” #denier

Lamar Smith is a well-known climate denialist. Unfortunately, not only is he the elected U.S. Representative for Texas’s 21st congressional district, but he is also the Head of the House Science Committee. That is a position that he has abused by holding hearings that grant a platform to climate change deniers, and has also utilised this position … Read more

Chair of House Science Committee Says the Journal ‘Science’ Is Not Objective

The date today is rather unfortunate because this is a serious topic. To read that the chair of the US House Science Committee disparaged the most prestigious science journal on the planet and instead prefers Breitbart as a more credible source feels very much like a prank, but this is all very real. The full video … Read more

The political strategy of climate denial

Jeffrey Mervis has an interesting article within Science all about the insights gained by listening to what Lamar Smith (R–TX) says when speaking to a room full of his own tribe. As chair of the U.S. House of Representatives science committee you might expect rationality and reason to prevail, but unfortunately he is very much a modern Republican, hence both … Read more

NY State Attorney rejects Congress Subpoena as illegal – #climate

Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) has been the primary climate change denier in congress for the past few years now. If you are truly wondering what motivates his pro-oil anti-science stance then you need look no further than the $700,000 that he has received from the fossil fuel industry during his career in Congress. They are getting their money’s worth … … Read more

Daily Mail Fake Claim: El Nino drove 2016 record temperatures – #climate #rebuttal

The Daily Mail recently (on 26th Nov) published the following claim … Stunning new data indicates El Nino drove record highs in global temperatures suggesting rise may not be down to man-made emissions  Global average temperatures over land have plummeted by more than 1C  Comes amid mounting evidence run of record temperatures about to end … Read more