Top 5 weirdest most influential cranks on the Internet today

When faced with a search for the weirdest cranks around, I confess that it is truly a hard decision to make, there is simply so much choice, and so what I’ve finally settled on as a selection criteria is to go for those who have influenced lots of others and are often cited as “evidence” for … Read more

Sometimes Satire really is the best form of criticism

Lurking out there are people who hold some very extreme and completely insane views. This ranges right across the diversity of belief and includes weirdness such as: Westboro Baptist church protesting outside a department store in their home town because it just happened to sell Swedish made vacuum cleaners. Apparently the Swedish government had rebuked … Read more

Daft Claim of the week: solar eclipse is not just a cosmic coincidence

Why oh why is always the religious who spout complete and utter bollocks on an almost regular basis by manifesting magical thinking. Today we have the Rev Dr Peter Mullen, a priest of the Church of England, writing in the Guardian yesterday about the solar eclipse. There he writes … The sun is huge and … Read more