Sometimes Satire really is the best form of criticism

Lurking out there are people who hold some very extreme and completely insane views. This ranges right across the diversity of belief and includes weirdness such as: Westboro Baptist church protesting outside a department store in their home town because it just happened to sell Swedish made vacuum cleaners. Apparently the Swedish government had rebuked … Read more

Guide for Muslims – How to win debates with Atheists

Having debated on-line for some time with Muslims within various forums, I feel it might be somewhat amusing to list some of the “rules” that they appear to play by when engaging with non-believers. Much as I might like to claim ownership of all these, I can’t. Most come from others who contributed suggestions, so … Read more

Onion satire becomes factual reality – 9/11 Conspiracy Theories Ridiculous

The Onion, everybody’s favorite source for satire, has given us all a good laugh with headlines such as … ‘9/11 Conspiracy Theories Ridiculous’ – Al Qaeda You can find the satire they did on that uploaded to YouTube back in 2008 here on 1st April (well come on, what other date could they possibly pick), … Read more

The Centre for Unintelligent Design

Last April Keith Gilmour, a School Teacher, spoke at an event organised by the Humanist Society of Scotland for the Edinburgh International Science Festival. The topic was “The Threat of Creeping Creationism in Scottish Schools.”. His approach was as follows: A summary of his school’s RME/RMPS curriculum Then he highlighted some of the unsolicited ID and … Read more

church of file-copying!!! – Somebody is pushing the boat out on this one

A bunch of folks in Sweden have attempted to set up a “file copying” church. The basis for this is their observation that the swedish Constitution Act, Chapter 2. § 1 states that every citizen is guaranteed freedom of religion: freedom, either alone or with others to practice their religion. Their website (or at least the english language version of it) claims …

A religion is a belief system with rituals.
The missionary kopimistsamfundet is a religious group centered in Sweden who believe that copying and the sharing of information is the best and most beautiful that is. To have your information copied is a token of appreciation, that someone think you have done something good.

* All knowledge to all
* The search for knowledge is sacred
* The circulation of knowledge is sacred
* The act of copying is sacred.

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Belief = Stupidity ?

OK, a bit of fun today … tongue-in-cheek only … but still a real story.

Just off the North coast in the UK there exists a tiny little tidal island known as “Holy Island” and built upon it is the monastery of Lindisfarne. Recently it has become the centre for the revival of Celtic Christianity and so it has become a popular retreat centre, as well as holiday destination.

To get there there is a tidal causeway – hint: when the tide is high, you don’t cross. Ah but I don’t need to tell you that, its the bleeding obvious, yes? … right? … apparently not.

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