Top 5 Weirdest Cognitive Biases

I was writing yesterday about Buster’s Cheat sheet of Cognitive Biases that he composed from the list found on the Wikipedia page entitled “List of cognitive biases“. Browse that list and you will find some familiar friends such as “Confirmation Bias” or “Backfire effect“. However, you will also find some truly strange ones, and so I’ve picked … Read more

Cognitive Bias – Buster’s cheat sheet

I’ve seen a chart being shared on social media that I do openly confess I like, so I’m highlighting it here. I did also wonder where it had originally come from, and so after some extensive investigation (I looked at the notes on the bottom of it) I found that the alpha source for it is a posting … Read more

Why is pseudoscience so enticing?

We are awash with pseudoscientific claims that look scientific, dress scientifically, sound sciency, but in reality are not. We need never look too far nor too hard to find an example, and so clearly such public popularity should perhaps cause us to pause and wonder why it is like this, why do so many cling on … Read more

Criticising Atheism from a position of complete and utter ignorance

If there was a topic you knew next to nothing about and perhaps felt negatively about, would you be confident enough to write a newspaper article based solely upon your own specific ignorance of the topic and end up making yourself the target of much well deserved mockery? I think many, if not most, regardless of … Read more