@BBCtrending Attacks #ExMuslimBecause

Much to my complete surprise, the BBC has taken a rather strange stance that involves criticising ex-Muslims for daring to tweet under #exMuslimBecause their reasons for becoming an ex-muslim – this is rather bizarre. It came to their attention because it was trending hence @BBCtrending discussed it. Maryam tells the story on her blog … I was interviewed by Anne-Marie Tomchak … Read more

BBC has exposed a fraudulent autism cure

OK, let’s cut to the chase, drinking bleach does not cure autism, because that is essentially what MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) is, and so when you drink this stuff the vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea, that it induces is not the product working, but is instead your bodies way to giving you a rather unsubtle “you have got … Read more

Twitter Storm on Climate Change and Balance at the BBC

Physicist Helen Czerski has managed to stir things up recently when tweeting about Climate Change: The Inconvenient Facts. To set the ball rolling climate scientist Michael Mann took to Twitter to complain that the BBC was “actively promoting misinformation” about man-made climate change, and in reply Helen Czerski, responded that the show is “v. balanced in sense … Read more

Did King David, as described in the bible, actually exist?

Francesca Stavrakopoulou is Professor of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Religion in the Theology and Religion department at Exeter University, but she is also perhaps better known for the BBC series that she has done. She presented a three-part BBC documentary series about the Bible and archaeology, called Bible’s Buried Secrets, broadcast in the UK on BBC 2 in March 2011. Here … Read more

BBC Reports “Widespread ignorance exists among children about the contents of the Bible”

Today the BBC has reported that a Bible Society survey has found that many people don’t know the Bible. OK, I get that, we live in a post-belief age, so that’s not such a bad thing in many ways. Ah but wait … they also report “Many of the parents who responded saw the Bible … Read more

Beautiful science

The BBC has an Audio slide show you might like to check out. Colourful and visually stunning – but also important in our understanding of scientific advances – the winners of this year’s Wellcome Image Awards range from a close up look at a bloody sticking-plaster, to the striking shades of a ruby-tailed wasp viewed … Read more