Anti Islamic statements …freedom of speech or a hate crime?

The Dutch Anti-Islamic politician,  Geert Wilders, is currently on trial, which should prove to be rather interesting, because he is also playing a decisive role in the formation of a new Dutch government. “The freedom of speech of at least 1.5 million people is on trial with me,” Wilders said on a social media site, … Read more

A rather unchristian school admissions policy?

The Guardian (as usual) has a rather good article today by Sharon Wright, who writes about her experience as a governor in a church school. Initially, she was (obviously) in favor, but what she found soon converted her into a radical opponent of faith schools. Why is this an important issue? Well basically because its … Read more

Concerns that Tony Blair’s first Catholic confession ‘could be a biggie’

Satire at its best … enjoy … Concerns that Blair’s first Catholic confession ‘could be a biggie’ The Vatican today expressed worries that the conversion of Tony Blair to Roman Catholicism could create unreasonable demands on the Priest who takes the retiring Prime Minister’s first confession. ‘Obviously like any human being we expect Mr Blair … Read more

Religious State vs Secular State – strange observations

In the UK, we have the unelected Queen as head of the Church of England, and also at the same time head of state. Then we have the house of Lords populated with unelected bishops. So while we might cringe at the thought of how backward and medieval it is to have clerics running things … Read more