The latest on the Wikileaks war

Regardless of how you feel, not only is all this a complete wet dream for all the newspapers, but also something fundamental has been changed within the political landscape, stuffing the genie back into the bottle is simply not an option … so where are we today? Attacks and counter strikes MasterCard stopped payments to … Read more

Christopher Hitchens – On Wikileaks

Yesterday Christopher Hitchens wrote about WikiLeaks and all that has happened in Slate … here are a few snippits from it … The WikiLeaks founder is an unscrupulous megalomaniac with a political agenda. … The cunning of Julian Assange’s strategy is that he has made everyone complicit in his own private decision to try to … Read more

Paul Chambers – “I’m blowing the airport sky high!!”

Paul Chambers, a 26 year old accountant, was arrested on 13th January by four police officers … Why? …Well apparently, his hideous crime was to post a joke on twitter. After making plans to travel through Robin Hood airport in Sheffield to see his girlfriend, he was alarmed to find that due to snow they … Read more

Iran and Saudia Arabia to promote women’s rights!!!

Apparently there is to be a UN agency that will be responsible for the promotion of woman’s rights and both Iran and Saudi Arabia are bidding to get seats on the board. Its looks like they might even get them,  Saudi Arabia is running uncontested, and Iran’s name has been put forward by the Asian … Read more

Anti Islamic statements …freedom of speech or a hate crime?

The Dutch Anti-Islamic politician,  Geert Wilders, is currently on trial, which should prove to be rather interesting, because he is also playing a decisive role in the formation of a new Dutch government. “The freedom of speech of at least 1.5 million people is on trial with me,” Wilders said on a social media site, … Read more

A rather unchristian school admissions policy?

The Guardian (as usual) has a rather good article today by Sharon Wright, who writes about her experience as a governor in a church school. Initially, she was (obviously) in favor, but what she found soon converted her into a radical opponent of faith schools. Why is this an important issue? Well basically because its … Read more